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Why I hate drum shows

Whenever I hear anyone discussing a drum show in the negative I always pay attention.
It never takes long for me to figure out that the problem isn't the show - it's that individual's operating paradigm.

Beyond the obvious - the buying and selling and clinics - drums shows are a cultural event, a celebration of the instrument shared among friends.
Far more casual than any "industry only" trade show, they also provide a rare opportunity for manufacturers to
showcase and demonstrate new products DIRECTLY to potential customers.
To decline the opportunity to participate in a community events like this - well, its really a consumer snub isn't it?
I find it bothersome that many of the large and medium sized
drum companies will spend tens of thousands of dollars to show product to a few dealers at a NAMM show, or spend hundreds of thousands on print ads, but can't be
bothered to invest a few hundred to represent their products directly to us, to talk to drummers and perhaps garner some direct feedback.
How is that NOT useful? Drum shows are probably the most cost effective methods of advertising and building good will
and yet so few take advantage of the opportunity.
I hope some of the big boys WILL see this and read it, and maybe even get it.

From my perspective, shows like the Chicago show and the Hollywood show are - if nothing else - 2 day art and history exhibits.
There are some who pass off drum shows as mere feeding frenzies for fanatics and gear heads. I can't see it that way.
If anything, events bring out the connoisseurs in us, and plug us back into the the magic, mystery and importance of drumming and the instrument itself.
When you think about it, that IS why you're here reading this and getting ready to scroll to the right!

Before you do I'd like to thank the following friends for their help and support on this trip out

Dave Mason & family
, Paul Mason , Marco Soccoli @ VIC FIRTH , Samata / Mason

A special thanks and congrats to Rob Cook on another successful show!

Pearl Forum
Paiste forum
Also a very special welcome to our brother / sister forums around the world!

Mike Dolbear forum
House of Drumming
Billy Ward Forum

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Dedicated to The Chief

Long story, short: we land in Chicago, head directly to
Ruth's Chris for dinner.  Hey everyone - it's Paul's birthday!
Yeah! FREE cake!

Next day our first official business stop is at The Drum Pad in Palatine. Obviosuly we had heard about this shop and
it seemed a shame not to make a stop to check it out - worth it! Its a great drum shop.

Is there anything better than a dedicated drum shop, especially one with diverse inventory?


This is the kit show room - its huge and it needs to be. Check out this Tama monster - very nice!

Ya gotta have single headed concert toms.

Someone will buy it...

A great Gretsch Vineyard kit with a 26: bass drum and at a price that won't make you feel drunk.

I was tempted to buy this. Obviously there was a problem with this original bass drum that came with the Gretsch kit.
It was selling for $150.
Not bad if you wanted a 26" black bass drum for your Gretsch kit.


They don't call it the Drum Pad for nuthin'

Its scenes like this that inspired me to design the DaVinci pedal.
Row upon row of die cast parts and black krinkle coat.
As someone once said "50 types of Vanilla".

The show room!


Drum buyer Victor Salazar and DP owner Jim Streich

drumsmith.com's NAME THE FACES contest

Right next door to the Drum Pad is this great ice cream parlour owned by - you guessed it, a drummer named Ron!

A great place to exercize your right hand skills, read about Elvin and consume!

We then stop at the offices of Paul's bother Dave who is a partner in the creative think tank known as Samata-Mason. If I wasn't making drums I would be pursuing a career and S/M would be one of my first stops. Dave has been kind enough to let his front office foyer be our pre-show staging area.


Next stop, product reviewer Brad Schlueter's to collect the review kit that Knuckles had used for his DRUM!  magazine review

And finally, to the Kane County fairgrounds for set up.

Rob Cook's show is in fact the world's longest running drum show. As far as East coast shows are concerned,
this is THE show to be at if you are going to be at ANY East coast drum event..

Good afternoon ladies!
The legendary Johnny Craviotto and world renowned collector Mike Curotto take in some Illinois sunshine.

This is the venue - take a lomg look because its probably the last time the show will be held in this building.
The 2009 show will be moving to a brand new building. I think everyone will miss
the old one - so many good times
and fond memories here.

Home of the 19th Annual Chicago Drum show

Rob and Brian at check-in

This is what it looks like before anything is set up.

Greetings from Gary Asher !

And the next morning it's show time!



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